#9 Seven spotted ladybug

I found this ladybug in High Park. The photo is one of my first using lens mounted speedlights. I think the flash is a bit harsh in this shot. For most things it seems a bounced, softer light is better. I used a 105mm macro lens; exposure was 1/60 sec @ f/18.

And yes, they really do have 7 spots. The Coccinellidae family has over 5,000 species; sometimes referred to as Ladybirds.

The following is some interesting info from the Wikipedia article

“The name “ladybird” originated in the Middle Ages when the insects were known as the “beetle of Our Lady” . They were named after The Virgin Mary, who in early religious paintings was often shown wearing a red cloak. The spots of the seven spot ladybird were said to symbolise seven joys and seven sorrows.”

And, of course, they are insects, not bugs.