#7 White spider

This photo was taken on the same day as the barn photo below. I was stepping gently between the flowers in the garden and leaning precariously with a 50mm macro to shoot 1:1 close-ups. While I was focusing on these beautiful twisted phlox buds a “giant” white spider came dashing towards the lens. After a split second of panic I took the shot and stepped back, relieved to see his true size (15mm ?) was not so menacing. If you know what species he (she?) belongs to, please leave a comment.

The photo is typical of macrophotography done with no tripod and only available light; i.e. the depth of field is zilch and details don’t have those nice crisp edges. I like it anyway. Maybe the gorgeous colours make up for a bit of fuzziness?

I’d love to have the same encounter, with the same spider, when I’ve got two strobes clamped to the lens!