#11 Beaver in Algonquin

We found this happy beaver on the same morning that I took the shot below (both at Mizzy Lake in July 2009). We actually heard him chewing a long time before we got close enough to take a good look. There was a partially submerged tree that he was using as a breakfast chair and I think he probably felt quite safe surrounded by water.

We sat down on the bank about 15 ft from him and watched him for about half an hour, laughing at his methodical chewing pattern; just like typewriters of pre-70s vintage: crunch, crunch, crunch…left to right, then a quick return to start the next line. As you can see from the skinned branch on the right, the method is effective!

Amazing creatures. Their role in shaping the development of Canada is astounding.

Nikon D80; 200mm zoom; 1/250 sec @ f5.6.

(double click the image for a more detailed view)


#10 Mizzy Lake Trail at Dawn

Here’s my wife standing at the head of the Mizzy Lake Trail in Algonquin. We went out just before dawn with hopes of meeting some of the wildlife and were richly rewarded. I remember the mist flowing over the lake; the dense cool air that permeated the entire landscape. It seemed to carry a reminder of ancient daily cycles that started with the dawn of our planet, and will continue (I hope) long after we’re gone.

The beveled top of the tree on the right is actually the trail head marker. I love the way it mirrors my wife’s upward gaze and baseball cap.

Nikon D80; zoomed to a focal length of 34mm; 1/100 sec @ f5.