#9 Seven spotted ladybug

I found this ladybug in High Park. The photo is one of my first using lens mounted speedlights. I think the flash is a bit harsh in this shot. For most things it seems a bounced, softer light is better. I used a 105mm macro lens; exposure was 1/60 sec @ f/18.

And yes, they really do have 7 spots. The Coccinellidae family has over 5,000 species; sometimes referred to as Ladybirds.

The following is some interesting info from the Wikipedia article

“The name “ladybird” originated in the¬†Middle Ages when the insects were known as the “beetle of Our Lady” . They were named after¬†The Virgin Mary, who in early religious paintings was often shown wearing a red cloak. The spots of the seven spot ladybird were said to symbolise seven joys and seven sorrows.”

And, of course, they are insects, not bugs.


#2 Close encounter

I took this a few weeks ago while photographing some White Oak seedlings. My wife has collected (rescued from the squirrels) about 20 acorns and started a small nursery in our back yard. I’ve been documenting their growth with a 6″ scale ruler. At the end of the shoot this amazing creature struck a pose directly in front of my macro lens. Nothing to do but focus, click and say thanks. Left side of the scale is metric; this guy being 7mm, head to wing tip. The light was from two bounced speedlights inside a small white box. Thanks to David Chung for showing me how to do this.