#15 Oak seedling #15 – July 4

Here’s #15 as of today, July 4. The second, shorter sprout seems to be doing OK.

This shot also with the 105mm lens; 1/125 sec @ f25.

I used two speedlights inside a white box, with some white paper in the lower foreground to bounce back some light to the leaves.


#14 Oak seedling #15 – June 13

The same day we dug up the acorns we transplanted them into individual tubes. These are 4″ diameter x 14″ long pieces of vent pipe with a plywood bottom. Our plan is to give them plenty of room for their long tap roots. When it comes time to put them in their final home, we will remove the plywood bottom and slide the whole plug of soil & oak tree into the ground, without disturbing the roots. That’s the plan anyway; stay tuned.

This shot was taken on June 13. Nikon D80; 105mm macro lens; 1/30 sec @ f29.